Bribables is now in early access

Hello everyone.  

As you all know, developing a game is no easy task at all and this is why Bribables is now available for early access.  This means that you can now get our game at 60% off its final price, from now until its final release.  

We expect to realese Bribables in February 2018, but if you get the game today, you will save 60%.  You will get access to all updates from the moment you purchase the game, until the game is released and you will be helping us to add more characters, content and features for the game.  

We believe that our story is worth the price, as you will get lots of hours of entertainment, lots of virtual land to explore and many quests and tasks to complete.  

Hope you enjoy the game and we are open to any suggestions, feedback and request.  

(We are now working on a navigation guide system and more levels)

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Version 6 Sep 13, 2017 911 MB
Version 5 Oct 04, 2017 886 MB
Version 1 May 25, 2017 911 MB
Version 1 May 25, 2017

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